Final list of candidates for the 2022 OpenTelemetry Governance Committee

The OpenTelemetry election committee is pleased to announce the final list of candidates running for one of the four available seats. We encourage all voters to take a moment and review all candidates, picking the one that best represents your interest. You can find their pictures, profile link, and descriptions on the candidates page, but here are their names:

  • Alolita Sharma
  • Daniel Dyla
  • Ken Finnigan
  • Michael Hausenblas
  • Morgan McLean
  • Pavol Loffay
  • Phillip Carter
  • Reese Lee
  • Reiley Yang
  • Sean Marciniak
  • Severin Neumann
  • Trask Stalnaker
  • Tyler Yahn
  • Vijay Samuel

You can check your eligibility by reviewing this GitHub issue. If you are not listed there but believe you have the right to vote, please fill out this registration form.

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