Introducing new resources for OpenTelemetry end users to connect and discover best practices

The OpenTelemetry End User Working Group has heard feedback from users who desire a vendor-agnostic space to discuss adopting OpenTelemetry, so we’re excited to announce two new ways for you to connect with other users of the project and share best practices, a synchronous monthly discussion group and a new private slack channel. These forums will bring together operations and development engineers from different organizations to discuss challenges and solutions to achieving ubiquitous observability. Share successes and failures, discover best practices, and meet others who are also on a journey to implement observability powered by OpenTelemetry.

Monthly Discussion Group

  • Monthly hour long sessions via google meet – all are welcome!
  • We use a Lean Coffee format where discussion topics are generated and democratically selected by the group at the start of the meeting. Topics are rigorously time-boxed by a facilitator.
  • Chatham House Rule applies. Meetings will not be recorded.
  • The first meeting is on the OpenTelemetry calendar, scheduled for July 14th 2022 at 9AM PST. We intend to alternate months between APAC friendly and AMER friendly timezones, we will re-evaluate this plan depending on attendance and feedback.

Slack Channel (#otel-endusers)

  • Confirm your agreement with channel Code of Conduct and reach out to Reese Lee or Rynn Mancuso on CNCF slack for an invite to #otel-endusers.
  • Chatham House Rule applies.
  • Troubleshooting or tactical SDK specific questions are still best directed to individual SIG channels or the #opentelemetry channel.
  • Vendor specific questions are still best directed to vendor channels, or if it doesn’t exist #otel-vendor


This group is what its members make it–whatever is of interest to the group is fair game! But here are some of the kinds of things we expect will be on the table:

  • Refactoring with telemetry
  • What is company X doing with OpenTelemetry?
  • Correlating multiple observability signals
  • Maintaining and scaling OpenTelemetry deployments
  • Writing custom instrumentation


Is this group only for OpenTelemetry end users?

No! Anyone is welcome to join and discuss their journey to observability. This group is hosted by the OpenTelemetry Community End-User Working Group, so we expect most participants will be from organizations that are evaluating or using OpenTelemetry.

I have questions about this, who can I reach out to?

You can find members of the End User Working Group in #otel-user-research.