OTel Unplugged at KubeCon NA 2022!

Are you excited about KubeCon NA 2022 in Detroit later this month? Maybe you’re attending in-person or virtually, for the first time or the fifth – either way, the OpenTelemetry community is excited to present a hybrid event that will take place on Tuesday, October 25th – OTel Unplugged!

What Is OTel Unplugged?

If you attended OpenTelemetry Community Day earlier this year, then you’ll be familiar with the format we’ll be using – an “unconference”, where in lieu of a bunch of pre-planned talks, you’ll get to decide the format and content of discussion groups on that day. If you’ve been to a DevOpsDays open space, then you should be rather familiar with this concept. We’ll be offering tailored breakout sessions for in-person as well as virtual attendees, so nobody is left out.

These small group discussions can be used for a wide variety of topics – everything from tips and stories about operating the OpenTelemetry Collector, the best patterns to implement tracing in your .NET applications, discussions about OpenTelemetry Metrics and how to get started with them – it’s all fair game, and there’ll be plenty of maintainers and contributors on-hand to join in on the discussions!

We’ll be presenting a panel discussion with our maintainers and a group of end-users as well, which promises to be extremely informative and enlightening! It wouldn’t be an OpenTelemetry event without a few surprises that we can’t wait to tell you about, too. Regardless of if you’ll be in Detroit this October 25th for KubeCon NA 2022, this is sure to be the can’t-miss OpenTelemetry event of the fall.

How Do I Attend?

Registration for virtual and in-person attendance is now open! We’re collecting a small fee for in-person attendance, which will be donated to Equality Michigan. Virtual registration is, of course, completely free. In addition, some scholarships are available - please contact us in the #otel-unplugged channel on CNCF Slack for more details. Be sure to register today, as tickets are limited. You can find the complete schedule on our Eventbrite page – details coming soon!

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to OTel Unplugged later this month!