Migrating away from the Jaeger exporter in the Collector

The latest binary release of the OpenTelemetry Collector no longer includes exporters for the native Jaeger format. This change was prompted because Jaeger has support for OTLP out of the box. If you are a current user of either the Jaeger or Jaeger Thrift exporter, you have a couple of options to choose from when upgrading to the latest Collector.

Switch to OTLP exporter

The recommended option is to switch to the OpenTelemetry Protocol exporter. This exporter is included in all the official distributions supported by the community. To switch, you’ll need to update the collector configuration. Find the following Jaeger exporter configuration:

    endpoint: https://jaeger.example.com:14250

    exporters: [jaeger]

And replace it with the OTLP configuration:

  otlp/jaeger: # Jaeger supports OTLP directly. The default port for OTLP/gRPC is 4317
    endpoint: https://jaeger.example.com:4317

    exporters: [otlp/jaeger]

Versions of Jaeger until v1.46.0, need the following environment variable set COLLECTOR_OTLP_ENABLED=true.

Build a custom Collector

If switching to the OTLP exporter isn’t an option, an alternative is to build a custom Collector that includes the Jaeger exporter. The process to build is documented here. Your manifest file will need to include the following line to add the Jaeger exporter:

  - gomod: go.opentelemetry.io/collector/exporter/jaegerexporter v0.85.0
  - gomod:
      go.opentelemetry.io/collector/exporter/jaegerthrifthttpexporter v0.85.0

Further example of manifest files for existing Collector distributions can be found in the opentelemetry-collector-releases repository.

If either of these options do not work for your use-case, please reach out to the #otel-collector community via CNCF Slack or open an issue in the repository.