OpenTelemetry .NET Automatic Instrumentation reaches version 1.0.0

The OpenTelemetry .NET SIG is happy to announce the first stable release of the OpenTelemetry .NET Automatic Instrumentation.

You can use the OpenTelemetry .NET Automatic Instrumentation to send traces, metrics, and logs from .NET applications and services to observability backends without having to modify their source code, including ASP.NET applications deployed on IIS and Windows services running .NET applications.

The automatic instrumentation for .NET includes installer scripts and a NuGet package that simplify the task of deploying and configuring the collection of telemetry. The automatic instrumentation is fully compatible with manual instrumentation in case you need to send custom spans or metrics.

To get started, read the documentation or browse the examples for demonstrations of different instrumentation scenarios covered by the OpenTelemetry .NET Automatic Instrumentation.

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