OpenTelemetry in Focus, August 2023

Welcome back to OpenTelemetry in Focus for August, 2023! It’s been a busy summer, so let’s get into the updates without further ado.

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Releases and Updates

Here are the latest updates from some of our core repositories.


Version 1.24 includes metrics and logs.


Version 0.84.0 has been released, along with 0.83.

Notable user-facing changes include:

  • loggingexporter now supports exemplars logging when the verbosity level is set to detailed.
  • configgrpc now allows the use of any registered gRPC load balancer name.
  • Internal traces can now be exported via OTLP.
  • configgrpc now supports the :authority pseudo-header in gRPC client.

In addition, there’s a variety of bug fixes and changes in the Collector API for exporters.

collector-contrib includes many updates – be sure to check the release notes.

There are several user-facing changes, including breaking changes:

  • The jaegerreceiver has deprecated the remote_sampling config. It will now fail to start if the config is specified. In a future version, this feature will be removed and the receiver will always fail when the config is specified.
  • The googlecloudexporter has removed the retry_on_failure config, as it caused issues when handling retries.
  • The Datadog processor has been deprecated in favor of the Datadog connector.
  • The Tanzu Observability (Wavefront) Exporter has been deprecated in favor of native OTLP ingestion.
  • The redisreceiver now supports adding a username parameter for connecting to Redis.
  • The postgresqlreceiver has added the postgresql.temp_files metric.
  • The receiver/azuremonitor has added new attributes to metrics like name, type, and resource_group.

Version 1.29 includes updates to the API and SDK for tracing and metrics. Please note that the zpages extension has been removed.

Java Instrumentation includes support for Ktor and ElasticSearch Rest Client.


Version 1.20 modifies the Prometheus exporter to translate non-monotonic Sums into Gauges.


Version 1.17.0 includes updates to the API and SDK. Highlights include adding support for exponential histogram aggregations, support for Semantic Conventions 1.21, and bug fixes. Please note that the Jaeger exporter has been deprecated in favor of the OTLP exporter.


Version 1.15.2 fixes several bugs.


Version 1.6.0-rc.1 has been released, bringing small changes to metrics, export, and an experimental implementation of the Log Bridge.

News and Upcoming Events

KubeCon North America is coming to Chicago in just over eight weeks, and the schedule has been announced! Check out the observability track for talks on OpenTelemetry, Prometheus, and more.

Talks for Observability Day should be announced shortly, as well.

If you’re planning to attend KubeCon, we hope to offer a variety of options for you to meet, network, and engage with OpenTelemetry contributors and maintainers. Keep an eye on our blog for more information.