OpenTelemetry in Focus, October 2023

Welcome back to OpenTelemetry in Focus for October, 2023! It’s been another busy month as we prepare for KubeCon North America in Chicago. We’ve got a lot to talk about once we’re there, and we’re excited to see you all in person!

Are you a maintainer with something you’d like featured here? Get in touch with me via email, or on the CNCF Slack #otel-comms channel.

Releases and Updates

Here are the latest updates from some of our core repositories.

Specification and Semantic Conventions

Version 1.26.0 of the OpenTelemetry Specification has been released. This release includes several small changes, along with a new section that explains how OpenTelemetry handles upgrading and version management for components. For full details, please visit the full changelog here

Semantic Conventions v1.22.0 introduces critical changes to the JVM, HTTP, System, and Messaging namespaces.

Major Breaking Changes, Highlights:

  • All JVM metrics have been renamed from process.runtime.jvm.* to jvm.*.
  • Added namespaces to JVM metric attributes.
  • Renamed http.client.duration and http.server.duration metrics to http.client.request.duration and http.server.request.duration respectively.
  • Renamed jvm.classes.current_loaded metrics to jvm.classes.count.
  • Removed pluralization from JVM metric namespaces.
  • Renamed several attribute metrics under system.cpu., system.memory., system.paging., system.disk., system.filesystem., and metrics.

Significant changes for HTTP metrics include renaming http.server.request.sizemetric to http.server.request.body.size and http.server.response.size metric to http.server.response.body.size. Important changes in messaging metrics entail renaming messaging.message.payload_size_bytes to messaging.message.body.size and removing messaging.message.payload_compressed_size_bytes. There have also been crucial updates to telemetry metrics such as renaming resource attribute to telemetry.distro.version.

Numerous non-breaking changes have been introduced, including additions of new attribute metrics, updates to naming conventions, and introducing new schemes for certain metrics.

See this link for full release notes. Please be aware of these changes as you update your OpenTelemetry SDKs.


October saw, as usual, two releases of the Collector. You can find the release notes here.

These releases include two major feature enhancements, along with a handful of deprecations. APIs have been introduced to control the mutability of pdata. In addition, logging for all components will now default to sampled logging mode. Certain structs and methods that were marked deprecated in earlier releases have now been removed.

collector-contrib also has seen multiple releases. Notable deprecations and breaking changes include:

  • k8sclusterreceiver: opencensus.resourcetype attribute removed.
  • splunkhecexporter and signalfxexporter: max_connections configuration field removed, replaced by max_idle_conns or max_idle_conns_per_host.
  • dockerstatsreceiver: cpu.container.percent deprecated in favor of container.cpu.utilization.
  • parquetexporter has been removed.

In addition, many changes and enhancements have been made to a variety of processors, receivers, and exporters.

The Operator has also been updated several times – highlights include:

  • Minimum required version of Kubernetes is now 1.23.
  • Support for automatic instrumentation of NGINX pods.
  • Improvements to the OpAMP bridge.
  • Instrumentation libraries have been updated across the board.

See the release notes for more details.


Version 1.31.0 includes many small changes. Notably, there is a breaking change around the semantic conventions package, as a new module has been published that aligns with semantic convention versions.

JavaInstrumentation includes new instrumentation for Apache Pekko, as well as many enhancements and bug fixes.


Version 1.17.1 fixes several bugs in tracing and metrics. Experimental builds include several bug fixes and enhancements to the logging exporter, the deprecation of direct Jaeger export, and more.


Version 1.7.0-alpha includes many bug fixes and updates, including some breaking changes.

News and Upcoming Events

KubeCon North America is coming to Chicago soon, and the schedule has been announced! Check out the observability track for talks on OpenTelemetry, Prometheus, and more.

Observability Day returns as well, and it’s shaping up to be a great one! Check out the announced schedule at the link above.

We’re also excited to announce our first ever Contribfest! You’ll have the opportunity to work with maintainers of the Collector and JavaScript SIGs on issues and PRs, and learn more about how to contribute to OpenTelemetry.

Finally, be sure to catch us at the OpenTelemetry Observatory on the expo floor for a variety of meetups, Q&As, and networking with your fellow contributors and users.