Call for participation - Outreachy May 2023

It’s almost time for the next Outreachy cohort and I (Juraci Paixão Kröhling) want to get YOU involved, even if you are not a maintainer.

  1. Perhaps you are NOT a maintainer, but there’s a feature you dream on having implemented? Let me know! I’m looking for project ideas for Outreachy interns to work on. I’ll try to find a mentor for your idea. Given this is all open source, you’ll have a chance to follow the development closely.
  2. Are you a maintainer and there’s something you want to get done for your project? Even if you prefer not to be a mentor this time, I’d appreciate to receive project ideas from you. I’ll try to find a mentor to work on it.
  3. I hear you want to be a mentor? That’s awesome! Outreachy is a great opportunity to improve your mentoring skills and to get someone to work on that feature you always wanted to get done but never really got around to actually do it. Typically, the outcome of the internship is great in many levels, being an interesting topic for conferences such as KubeCon.

What’s a great idea, you ask? Small to medium-sized self-contained tasks, suitable for new contributors. Your intern will likely be a person who’s new to our area (observability) and might not be an experienced programmer yet. That said, they will have around 3 months to complete the task, which is typically more than enough! In the past, people have been working on adding auto-instrumentation support for Python threading module, creating component generators for OpenTelemetry Collector, benchmarking the client SDKs, writing user-facing documentation, experimenting with data visualization for distributed tracing and more.

Here’s where you can get more information about Outreachy and our participation on previous cohorts:

The easiest way to get in touch with us if you have a project idea or want to be a mentor is via CNCF Slack, #outreachy.