Opentelemetry PHP Release Candidate

The OpenTelemetry PHP team is pleased to announce that the opentelemetry-php library has progressed to Release Candidate stability. This release is the culmination of years of work from the OpenTelemetry PHP team. Thank you to all of the contributors, testers, and integrators that made this release happen. We most certainly couldn’t have made this release without the help of the community at large.

This is the first release candidate we are publishing to garner further input from the community. This release offers support for tracing, metrics, and logs for PHP applications, as well as auto-instrumentation via a PECL extension. We will continue to refine the library as we receive bug reports, as well as moving towards a general availability release.

What happens next?

We would love to see people testing the code against production-like workloads. Once we have confidence at scale with positive feedback from the community, we will move to general availability with a 1.0.0 release.

We are also looking to promote our contrib packages to RC and then GA, based on feedback from the community.

How can you help?

If you are new to OpenTelemetry PHP, the best place to start is with the getting started documentation.

We are looking for developers to test this instrumentation in their PHP codebases. We are happy to triage any issues that might come up — please feel free to open an issue in our repository’s GitHub issues. Pull requests are also always welcome in any of our repositories: