Monthly Discussion Group

Monthly OpenTelemetry usage discussions, all are welcome!

Interested in learning how other end users are implementing OpenTelemetry in their organizations? Come talk shop with other OpenTelemetry end users! This is a vendor-neutral space to discuss best practices, ask questions, and meet other observability-minded folks.

Feedback that is shared and collected in these sessions will be routed back to the relevant project maintainers to help drive prioritization of improvements and changes to the project.

New for 2023

  • Sessions are now available for all regions!
  • You can now find summaries of past discussions every month! Search the blog for “End-User Discussions”.
  • A project maintainer and/or a Governance Committee member will be in attendance at each session to provide additional context, insight, and plans to user questions and feedback.
  • The Chatham House Rule will no longer be applied, and sessions will be recorded. This will help make the feedback more discoverable by the community.

Upcoming sessions

Here are upcoming sessions, or you can view them on the OpenTelemetry calendar:

  • EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa): every third Tuesday of the month at 11AM GMT (Zoom link)
    • August 15
    • September 19
    • October 17
  • APAC (Asia Pacific): every third Wednesday of the month at 11AM India ST (GMT +5.5), register to get the Zoom link
    • August 16
    • September 20
    • October 18
  • AMER (Americas): every third Thursday of the month at 9AM PST (GMT -8), (Zoom link)
    • August 17
    • September 21
    • October 19

Past topics/questions have included:

  • Best practices on monitoring collectors in production
  • Using OTel in CI/CD pipelines
  • What’s holding you back from adopting more OpenTelemetry?
  • Auto vs manual instrumentation use cases
  • How to secure a publicly exposed OTel Collector?

We use a Lean Coffee format where discussion topics are generated and democratically selected by the group at the start of the meeting. Topics are rigorously time-boxed by a facilitator.

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