Monthly Discussion Group

Monthly hour long sessions – all are welcome!

Interested in learning how other end users are implementing OpenTelemetry in their organizations? Come talk shop with other OpenTelemetry end users! This is a vendor-neutral space to discuss best practices, ask questions, and meet other observability-minded folks.

Here are upcoming sessions based on regions, or you can view them on the OpenTelemetry calendar:

  • EMEA: every third Tuesday of the month at 11AM CET (GMT +1)
    • December 20, 2022, join here
  • APAC: every third Wednesday of the month at 11AM IST (GMT +5.5) Brand new!!
    • January 18, 2023, join here
  • AMER: every third Thursday of the month at 9AM PST (GMT -8)
    • December 15, 2022, join here

Past topics/questions have included:

  • Best practices on monitoring collectors in production
  • Using OTel in CI/CD pipelines
  • What’s holding you back from adopting more OpenTelemetry?
  • Auto vs manual instrumentation use cases
  • How to secure a publicly exposed OTel Collector?

We use a Lean Coffee format where discussion topics are generated and democratically selected by the group at the start of the meeting. Topics are rigorously time-boxed by a facilitator.

Chatham House Rule applies. Meetings will not be recorded.

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