Interviews or Feedback Sessions

Help improve OpenTelemetry - share your feedback directly with us!

One of the core functions of the OpenTelemetry End User SIG is to improve the project by gathering feedback from end users and sharing them with the appropriate SIGs to help drive prioritization of improvements and changes to the project.

Direct interview or feedback sessions between an organization and the OpenTelemetry Community is one such resource. In these hour-long sessions, we learn about the organization’s OTel adoption and implementation, with particular interest in the following:

  • Special use cases
  • Challenges with implementation – what went well? What needs improvement? These can be anything, from instrumentation to documentation.
  • Challenges with adoption within the organization – how can the Community help you drive adoption with your teams?

We will then take the feedback you shared and turn them into actionable tasks for the relevant SIGs, as well as provide context and insight for you during the session as appropriate.

We try to schedule these sessions once a month, usually during one of the end-user SIG’s meetings (alternating Thursdays at 10AM Pacific Time), but can set up a different time if that does not work for you. The sessions are typically attended by a few project maintainers and/or Governance Committee members, as well as some curious general members of the Community.

Things to keep in mind:

  • These sessions are recorded. However, if your organization has compliance concerns, we can delete them once we’ve summarized the notes and feedback.
  • We will write up a summary post for the OpenTelemetry blog. Our goal with these is to drive awareness and adoption of the software, and to chronicle interesting use cases. These can be anonymized if your org has compliance concerns.
  • These are open to the public, so other users may come and ask you questions.

You can view past recordings on the OpenTelemetry YouTube channel.

To schedule a session, reach out to us via CNCF’s Community Slack:

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