OTel In Practice

OTel in Practice is a series of talks initiated by some members of the End User SIG.

We’re aiming to:

  • Address practical problems that commonly stop development teams from succeeding with OpenTelemetry
  • Build stronger connections with developers focused on specific languages
  • Improve the experience of implementing OpenTelemetry in production

Each OTel in Practice session typically includes one or more talks by end users or project contributors, with space for discussion. We welcome speakers from all backgrounds! If you’re interested in sharing what you’ve learned in a 15-minute lightning talk or a longer 30-minute session, reach out in the #otel-sig-end-user channel on the CNCF’s Slack.

You can view past sessions on the OpenTelemetry YouTube channel.

Join the OpenTelemetry in Practice Meetup Group to get invited to our next talk!