Collector logo Vendor-agnostic way to receive, process and export telemetry data.

Otel-Collector diagram with Jaeger, OTLP and Prometheus integration

The OpenTelemetry Collector offers a vendor-agnostic implementation of how to receive, process and export telemetry data. It removes the need to run, operate, and maintain multiple agents/collectors. This works with improved scalability and supports open-source observability data formats (e.g. Jaeger, Prometheus, Fluent Bit, etc.) sending to one or more open-source or commercial back-ends. The local Collector agent is the default location to which instrumentation libraries export their telemetry data.


  • Usability: Reasonable default configuration, supports popular protocols, runs and collects out of the box.
  • Performance: Highly stable and performant under varying loads and configurations.
  • Observability: An exemplar of an observable service.
  • Extensibility: Customizable without touching the core code.
  • Unification: Single codebase, deployable as an agent or collector with support for traces, metrics, and logs (future).

For releases, including the latest release, see Releases.