Learn how to contribute to OpenTelemetry documentation.

OpenTelemetry documentation contributors:

  • Improve existing content.
  • Create new content.
  • Update the OpenTelemetry Registry.
  • Improve the code that builds the site.

The following guides describe how to contribute to OpenTelemetry documentation.

For guidance on how to contribute to the OpenTelemetry project in general, see the OpenTelemetry Contributor Guide , which provides details on the Contributor License Agreement and the Code of Conduct. Every language implementation, Collector, and conventions repository has its own specific contributing guides.

Other ways to contribute


To contribute, you need to be familiar with the following techs and tools.

Add new content

Learn how to add new content using GitHub UI or a local fork.

Documentation style guide

Terminology and style when writing OpenTelemetry docs.

Site localization

Guidance on creating and maintaining site page in non-English localizations.


Learn how to submit a blog post.

Pull request checks

Learn how to make your pull request successfully pass all checks


Create announcements or banners for special events.

Reporting an issue

How to report a bug, a security issue, or a potential improvement.


Learn how to set up a development environment for the site.


Acknowledgements for sources for content on this site