Create announcements or banners for special events.

An announcement is a regular Hugo page contained under the announcements section of a locale. This means that we leverage Hugo’s builtin handling of page dates (future or expired), internationalization, and more, to automatically show or hide banners depending on the build date, determine banner ordering, handle fall back to English banners, etc.

Announcements are currently used as banners only. We might eventually support slightly more general announcements as well.

Creating an announcement

To add a new announcement, create an announcement markdown file under the announcements folder of your localization using the following command:

hugo new --kind announcement content/YOUR-LOCALE/announcements/

Adjust according to your desired locale and file name. Add the announcement text as the body of the page.

For banners, the announcement body should be a short phrase.

Announcement list

Any given announcement will appear in a site build when the build date falls between the date and expiryDate fields of the announcement. When those fields are missing they are assumed to be “now” and “forever”, respectively.

Announcements will appear in the standard page order as determined using Hugo’s Regular pages function. That is, the “lightest” announcements (by weight) will appear first; when weights are the same or unspecified, the most recent announcements (by date) will appear first, etc.

So, if you want to force an announcement to the top, use a negative weight in the front matter.

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