Documentation style guide

We don’t have an official style guide yet, but the current OpenTelemetry documentation style is inspired by the following style guides:

The following sections contain guidance that is specific to the OpenTelemetry project. word list

A list of OpenTelemetry-specific terms and words to be used consistently across the site.

OpenTelemetryOpenTelemetry should always be capitalized. Don’t use Open-Telemetry.
OTelOTel is the accepted short form of OpenTelemetry. Don’t use OTEL.
CollectorWhen referring to the OpenTelemetry Collector, always capitalize Collector.
OTEPOpenTelemetry Enhancement Proposal. Write “OTEPs” as plural form. Don’t write “OTep” or “otep”.
OpAMPOpen Agent Management Protocol. Don’t write “OPAMP” or “opamp” in descriptions or instructions.

Make sure that proper nouns, such as other CNCF projects or third-party tools, are properly written and use the original capitalization. For example, write “PostgreSQL” instead of “postgre”. For a full list, check the .textlintrc.yml file.

See also the Glossary for a list of OpenTelemetry terms and their definition.