The following requirements were decided upon to define what OpenTelemetry (OTel) signals the application will produce & when support for future SDKs should be added:

  1. Every supported language that has a GA Traces or Metrics SDK must have at least 1 service example.

    • Mobile support (Swift) is not an initial priority and not included in the above requirement.
  2. Application processes must be language independent.

    • gRPC is preferred where available and HTTP is to be used where it is not.
  3. Services should be architected to be modular components that can be switched out.

    • Individual services can and should be encouraged to have multiple language options available.
  4. The architecture must allow for the possible integration of platform generic components like a database, queue, or blob storage.

    • There is no requirement for a particular component type - at least 1 generic component should be present in general.
  5. A load generator must be provided to simulate user load against the demo.

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