OpenTelemetry Requirements

The following requirements were decided upon to define what OpenTelemetry (OTel) signals the application will produce & when support for future SDKs should be added:

  1. The demo must produce OTel logs, traces, & metrics out of the box for languages that have a GA SDK.
  2. Languages that have a Beta SDK available may be included but are not required like GA SDKs.
  3. Native OTel metrics should be produced where possible.
  4. Both manual instrumentation and instrumentation libraries (auto-instrumentation) should be demonstrated in each language.
  5. All data should be exported to the Collector first.
  6. The Collector must be configurable to allow for a variety of consumption experiences but default tools must be selected for each signal.
  7. The demo application architecture using the Collector should be designed to be a best practices reference architecture.
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