Email Service

This service will send a confirmation email to the user when an order is placed.

Email service source

Initializing Tracing

You will need to require the core OpenTelemetry SDK and exporter Ruby gems, as well as any gem that will be needed for auto-instrumentation libraries (ie: Sinatra)

require "opentelemetry/sdk"
require "opentelemetry/exporter/otlp"
require "opentelemetry/instrumentation/sinatra"

The Ruby SDK uses OpenTelemetry standard environment variables to configure OTLP export, resource attributes, and service name automatically. When initializing the OpenTelemetry SDK, you will also specify which auto-instrumentation libraries to leverage (ie: Sinatra)

OpenTelemetry::SDK.configure do |c|
  c.use "OpenTelemetry::Instrumentation::Sinatra"


Add attributes to auto-instrumented spans

Within the execution of auto-instrumented code you can get current span from context.

current_span = OpenTelemetry::Trace.current_span

Adding multiple attributes to a span is accomplished using add_attributes on the span object.

  "" => data.order.order_id,

Adding only a single attribute can be accomplished using set_attribute on the span object.


Create new spans

New spans can be created and placed into active context using in_span from an OpenTelemetry Tracer object. When used in conjunction with a do..end block, the span will automatically be ended when the block ends execution.

tracer = OpenTelemetry.tracer_provider.tracer('emailservice')
tracer.in_span("send_email") do |span|
  # logic in context of span here





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