A language-specific implementation of OpenTelemetry in Java.

OpenTelemetry Java consists of the following repositories:

  • opentelemetry-java: Components for manual instrumentation including API and SDK as well as extensions, the OpenTracing shim and examples.
  • opentelemetry-java-instrumentation: Built on top of opentelemetry-java and provides a Java agent JAR that can be attached to any Java 8+ application and dynamically injects bytecode to capture telemetry from a number of popular libraries and frameworks.
  • opentelemetry-java-contrib: Provides helpful libraries and standalone OpenTelemetry-based utilities that don’t fit the express scope of the OpenTelemetry Java or Java Instrumentation projects. For example, JMX metric gathering.

Status and Releases

Traces Metrics Logs
Stable Alpha Experimental


  • Tracing API
  • Tracing SDK
  • Metrics API
  • Metrics SDK
  • OTLP Exporter
  • Jaeger Trace Exporter
  • Zipkin Trace Exporter
  • Prometheus Metric Exporter
  • Context Propagation
  • OpenTracing Bridge
  • OpenCensus Bridge


Published releases are available on maven central. We strongly recommend using our BOM to keep the versions of the various components in sync.




dependencies {

API reference and examples