OpenTelemetry Demo Chart

The OpenTelemetry Demo is a microservice-based distributed system intended to illustrate the implementation of OpenTelemetry in a near real-world environment. As part of that effort, the OpenTelemetry community create the OpenTelemetry Demo Helm Chart so that it can be easily installed in Kubernetes.


The Demo helm chart’s default values.yaml is ready to be installed. All components have had their memory limits tuned to optimize performance, which may cause issues if your cluster is not large enough. The entire installation is restricted to ~4 Gigabytes of memory, but may use less.

All the configuration options (with comments) available in the chart can be viewed in its values.yaml file, and detailed descriptions can be found in the chart’s README.


To install the chart with the release name my-otel-demo, run the following command:

helm install my-otel-demo open-telemetry/opentelemetry-demo

Once installed, all services are made available via the Frontend proxy (http://localhost:8080) by running these commands:

kubectl port-forward svc/my-otel-demo-frontendproxy 8080:8080

Once the proxy is exposed, you can also visit the following paths

Web storehttp://localhost:8080
Feature Flags UIhttp://localhost:8080/feature
Load Generator UIhttp://localhost:8080/loadgen
Jaeger UIhttp://localhost:8080/jaeger/ui

In order for spans from the Web store to be collected you must expose the OpenTelemetry Collector OTLP/HTTP receiver:

kubectl port-forward svc/my-otel-demo-otelcol 4318:4318

For more details on using the demo in Kubernetes, see Kubernetes deployment.