Automatic Instrumentation Configuration

Learn how to configure Automatic Instrumentation for Node.js

This module is highly configurable by setting environment variables. Many aspects of the auto instrumentation’s behavior can be configured for your needs, such as resource detectors, exporters, trace context propagation headers, and more.

SDK and exporter configuration

SDK and exporter configuration can be set using environment variables. More information can be found here.

SDK resource detector configuration

By default, the module will enable all SDK resource detectors. You can use the OTEL_NODE_RESOURCE_DETECTORS environment variable to enable only certain detectors, or completely disable them:

  • env
  • host
  • os
  • process
  • container
  • alibaba
  • aws
  • gcp
  • all - enables all resource detectors
  • none - disables resource detection

For example, to only enable the env and host detectors, you can set: