How to migrate to OpenTelemetry

OpenTracing and OpenCensus

OpenTelemetry was created as a merger of OpenTracing and OpenCensus. From the start, OpenTelemetry was considered to be the next major version of both OpenTracing and OpenCensus. Because of that, one of the key goals of the OpenTelemetry project is to provide backward compatibility with both projects and a migration story for existing users.

If you come from one of these projects, you can follow the migration guides for both OpenTracing and OpenCensus

Jaeger Client

The Jaeger community deprecated their Client Libraries and recommends using the OpenTelemetry APIs, SDKs and instrumentations.

The Jaeger backend can receive trace data via the OpenTelemetry Protocol (OTLP) since v1.35. Therefore you can migrate your OpenTelemetry SDKs and collectors from using the Jaeger exporter to the OTLP exporter.