OpenTelemetry Metrics Exporter - OTLP

Status: Experimental

OTLP Metrics Exporter is a Push Metric Exporter which sends metrics via the OpenTelemetry Protocol.

OTLP Metrics Exporter MUST support both Cumulative and Delta Temporality.

OTLP Metrics Exporter MUST allow Aggregation Temporality to be specified, as described in MetricExporter.

If the temporality is not specified, OTLP Metrics Exporter SHOULD use Cumulative as the default temporality.

The exporter MUST provide configuration according to the OpenTelemetry Protocol Exporter specification.

In addition, the exporter MUST provide the following configuration (note: this section will be merged to the OpenTelemetry Protocol Exporter specification once it reaches Stable):

Description Default Env variable
The preferred output Aggregation Temporality, either CUMULATIVE or DELTA (case insensitive) CUMULATIVE OTEL_EXPORTER_OTLP_METRICS_TEMPORALITY