OpenTelemetry Metrics Exporter - OTLP

Status: Stable

OTLP Metrics Exporter is a Push Metric Exporter which sends metrics via the OpenTelemetry Protocol.

OTLP Metrics Exporter MUST support both Cumulative and Delta Aggregation Temporality.

The exporter MUST provide configuration according to the OpenTelemetry Protocol Exporter specification.

If a language provides a mechanism to automatically configure a MetricReader to pair with the associated Exporter (e.g., using the OTEL_METRICS_EXPORTER environment variable), then by default:

  • The exporter MUST be paired with a periodic exporting MetricReader.
  • The exporter MUST configure the default aggregation temporality on the basis of instrument kind using the OTEL_EXPORTER_OTLP_METRICS_TEMPORALITY_PREFERENCE variable as described below, otherwise the exporter MUST use Cumulative as the default aggregation temporality for all instrument kinds.

The OTEL_EXPORTER_OTLP_METRICS_TEMPORALITY_PREFERENCE environment variable defines the default aggregation temporality policy to use on the basis of instrument kind. The recognized (case-insensitive) values are:

CUMULATIVEChoose Cumulative aggregation temporality for all instrument kinds.
DELTAChoose Delta aggregation temporality for Counter, Asynchronous Counter and Histogram instrument kinds, choose Cumulative aggregation temporality for UpDownCounter and Asynchronous UpDownCounter instrument kinds.