Status: Experimental

type: host

Description: A host is defined as a general computing instance.

host.idstringUnique host ID. For Cloud, this must be the instance_id assigned by the cloud provider.opentelemetry-testNo
host.namestringName of the host. On Unix systems, it may contain what the hostname command returns, or the fully qualified hostname, or another name specified by the user.opentelemetry-testNo
host.typestringType of host. For Cloud, this must be the machine type.n1-standard-1No
host.archstringThe CPU architecture the host system is running on.amd64No
host.image.namestringName of the VM image or OS install the host was instantiated from.infra-ami-eks-worker-node-7d4ec78312; CentOS-8-x86_64-1905No
host.image.idstringVM image ID. For Cloud, this value is from the provider.ami-07b06b442921831e5No
host.image.versionstringThe version string of the VM image as defined in Version Attributes.0.1No

host.arch has the following list of well-known values. If one of them applies, then the respective value MUST be used, otherwise a custom value MAY be used.

ppc3232-bit PowerPC
ppc6464-bit PowerPC
s390xIBM z/Architecture
x8632-bit x86