File Configuration

Status: Experimental


File configuration provides a mechanism for configuring OpenTelemetry which is more expressive and full-featured than the environment variable based scheme, and language agnostic in a way not possible with programmatic configuration.

File configuration defines a Configuration Model, which can be expressed in a configuration file. Configuration files can be validated against the Configuration Schema, and interpreted to produce configured OpenTelemetry components.

Configuration Model

The configuration model is defined in opentelemetry-configuration using the JSON Schema.

Stability Definition

TODO: define stability guarantees and backwards compatibility

Configuration file

A configuration file is a file representation of the Configuration Model.

TODO: define acceptable file formats

TODO: define environment variable substitution

SDK Configuration

SDK configuration defines the interfaces and operations that SDKs are expected to expose to enable file based configuration.

In-Memory Configuration Model

SDKs SHOULD provide an in-memory representation of the Configuration Model. In general, SDKs are encouraged to provide this in-memory representation in a manner that is idiomatic for their language. If an SDK needs to expose a class or interface, the name Configuration is RECOMMENDED.


TODO: define how to parse configuration file to configuration model

TODO: define how to apply configuration model to produce configured sdk components