Feature Flag

Feature Flag Attributes

This document defines attributes for Feature Flags.

feature_flag.keystringThe unique identifier of the feature flag.logo-colorExperimental
feature_flag.provider_namestringThe name of the service provider that performs the flag evaluation.Flag ManagerExperimental
feature_flag.variantstringSHOULD be a semantic identifier for a value. If one is unavailable, a stringified version of the value can be used. [1]red; true; onExperimental

[1]: A semantic identifier, commonly referred to as a variant, provides a means for referring to a value without including the value itself. This can provide additional context for understanding the meaning behind a value. For example, the variant red maybe be used for the value #c05543.

A stringified version of the value can be used in situations where a semantic identifier is unavailable. String representation of the value should be determined by the implementer.