iOS Deprecated Attributes

The iOS platform on which the iOS application is running.

ios.statestringDeprecated use the event definition including ios.state as a payload field instead. [1]active; inactive; backgroundDeprecated
Moved to a payload field of

[1]: The iOS lifecycle states are defined in the UIApplicationDelegate documentation, and from which the OS terminology column values are derived.

ios.state has the following list of well-known values. If one of them applies, then the respective value MUST be used; otherwise, a custom value MAY be used.

activeThe app has become active. Associated with UIKit notification applicationDidBecomeActive.Experimental
inactiveThe app is now inactive. Associated with UIKit notification applicationWillResignActive.Experimental
backgroundThe app is now in the background. This value is associated with UIKit notification applicationDidEnterBackground.Experimental
foregroundThe app is now in the foreground. This value is associated with UIKit notification applicationWillEnterForeground.Experimental
terminateThe app is about to terminate. Associated with UIKit notification applicationWillTerminate.Experimental