Log Attributes

This document defines log attributes

log.iostreamstringThe stream associated with the log. See below for a list of well-known values.stdout; stderrExperimental

log.iostream has the following list of well-known values. If one of them applies, then the respective value MUST be used; otherwise, a custom value MAY be used.

stdoutLogs from stdout streamExperimental
stderrEvents from stderr streamExperimental

Log File Attributes

Attributes for a file to which log was emitted.

log.file.namestringThe basename of the file.audit.logExperimental
log.file.name_resolvedstringThe basename of the file, with symlinks resolved.uuid.logExperimental
log.file.pathstringThe full path to the file./var/log/mysql/audit.logExperimental
log.file.path_resolvedstringThe full path to the file, with symlinks resolved./var/lib/docker/uuid.logExperimental

Log Record Attributes

This document defines the generic attributes that may be used in any Log Record.

log.record.uidstringA unique identifier for the Log Record. [1]01ARZ3NDEKTSV4RRFFQ69G5FAVExperimental

[1]: If an id is provided, other log records with the same id will be considered duplicates and can be removed safely. This means, that two distinguishable log records MUST have different values. The id MAY be an Universally Unique Lexicographically Sortable Identifier (ULID), but other identifiers (e.g. UUID) may be used as needed.