Semantic Conventions for Tracing Compatibility Components

Status: Experimental

This document defines trace semantic conventions used by the compatibility components, e.g. OpenTracing Shim layer.


Links created by the OpenTracing Shim MUST set opentracing.ref_type with one of the accepted values, describing the direct causal relationships between a child Span and a parent Span, as defined by OpenTracing.

AttributeTypeDescriptionExamplesRequirement LevelStability
opentracing.ref_typestringParent-child Reference type [1]child_ofRecommendedExperimental

[1]: The causal relationship between a child Span and a parent Span.

opentracing.ref_type MUST be one of the following:

child_ofThe parent Span depends on the child Span in some capacityExperimental
follows_fromThe parent Span doesn’t depend in any way on the result of the child SpanExperimental