AWS Logs

Status: Experimental

Type: aws.log

Description: Log attributes for Amazon Web Services.

AttributeTypeDescriptionExamplesRequirement LevelStability[]The Amazon Resource Name(s) (ARN) of the AWS log group(s). [1][arn:aws:logs:us-west-1:123456789012:log-group:/aws/my/group:*]RecommendedExperimental[]The name(s) of the AWS log group(s) an application is writing to. [2][/aws/lambda/my-function, opentelemetry-service]RecommendedExperimental[]The ARN(s) of the AWS log stream(s). [3][arn:aws:logs:us-west-1:123456789012:log-group:/aws/my/group:log-stream:logs/main/10838bed-421f-43ef-870a-f43feacbbb5b]RecommendedExperimental[]The name(s) of the AWS log stream(s) an application is writing to.[logs/main/10838bed-421f-43ef-870a-f43feacbbb5b]RecommendedExperimental

[1]: See the log group ARN format documentation.

[2]: Multiple log groups must be supported for cases like multi-container applications, where a single application has sidecar containers, and each write to their own log group.

[3]: See the log stream ARN format documentation. One log group can contain several log streams, so these ARNs necessarily identify both a log group and a log stream.