Operating System

Status: Experimental

type: os

Description: The operating system (OS) on which the process represented by this resource is running.

In case of virtualized environments, this is the operating system as it is observed by the process, i.e., the virtualized guest rather than the underlying host.

AttributeTypeDescriptionExamplesRequirement LevelStability
os.typestringThe operating system type.windows; linux; darwinRequiredExperimental
os.build_idstringUnique identifier for a particular build or compilation of the operating system.TQ3C.230805.001.B2; 20E247; 22621RecommendedExperimental
os.descriptionstringHuman readable (not intended to be parsed) OS version information, like e.g. reported by ver or lsb_release -a commands.Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.18363.778]; Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTSRecommendedExperimental
os.namestringHuman readable operating system name.iOS; Android; UbuntuRecommendedExperimental
os.versionstringThe version string of the operating system as defined in Version Attributes.14.2.1; 18.04.1RecommendedExperimental

os.type has the following list of well-known values. If one of them applies, then the respective value MUST be used; otherwise, a custom value MAY be used.

windowsMicrosoft WindowsExperimental
darwinApple DarwinExperimental
dragonflybsdDragonFly BSDExperimental
hpuxHP-UX (Hewlett Packard Unix)Experimental
aixAIX (Advanced Interactive eXecutive)Experimental
solarisSunOS, Oracle SolarisExperimental
z_osIBM z/OSExperimental