Other Spring autoconfiguration

Instead of using the OpenTelemetry Spring starter, you can use the OpenTelemetry autoconfiguration features with an annotation or the Zipkin starter.

Spring support

Autoconfiguration is natively supported by Spring Boot applications. To enable these features in “vanilla” use @EnableOpenTelemetry to complete a component scan of this package.

import io.opentelemetry.instrumentation.spring.autoconfigure.EnableOpenTelemetry;
import org.springframework.context.annotation.Configuration;

public class OpenTelemetryConfig {}

Zipkin starter

OpenTelemetry Zipkin Exporter Starter is a starter package that includes the opentelemetry-api, opentelemetry-sdk, opentelemetry-extension-annotations, opentelemetry-logging-exporter, opentelemetry-spring-boot-autoconfigurations and spring framework starters required to setup distributed tracing. It also provides the opentelemetry-exporters-zipkin artifact and corresponding exporter autoconfiguration. Check out opentelemetry-spring-boot-autoconfigure for the list of supported libraries and features.

If an exporter is present in the classpath during runtime and a spring bean of the exporter is missing from the spring application context, an exporter bean is initialized and added to a simple span processor in the active tracer provider. Check out the implementation here.

dependencies {


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