Organizations that use OpenTelemetry

OpenTelemetry’s mission is to enable effective observability for all its end-users. If you are thinking about adopting OpenTelemetry for your organization, you may be curious about other adoption journeys. The table below is a non-exhaustive list of end-user organizations that have adopted OpenTelemetry for Observability.

Organization1ComponentsLearn more
AppDirectCollector, Collector, Go, Java, JavaScript
Cloud ScaleCollector, Python
Dropbox DocSendRuby
eBayCollector, Go, Java, JavaScriptblog post
EcoBeeCollector, Javablog post
Farfetch.NET, Collector, Java, JavaScript, Operator, Pythonblog post
GitHubRubyblog post
PITS Globale DatenrettungsdienstePython
ShopifyCollector, Go, Ruby
SkyscannerCollector, Go, Java, Javascript, Pythonpresentation
Uplight.NET, Collector, Java, Python, Rubyblog post

To have your organization listed, submit a PR with an entry added to the adopters list. The entry must include the following2:

  • Link to a blog post that describes how your organization makes use of OpenTelemetry
  • GitHub handle or email address as a point of contact so that we can reach out in case we have questions

Note that this list is for end-user organizations that do not provide any OpenTelemetry-related services.

If your organization provides a library or service made observable through OpenTelemetry, see Integrations.

If your organization provides a solution that consumes OpenTelemetry to offer Observability to end users, see Vendors.

  1. Organizations are listed alphabetically ↩︎

  2. Organizations listed before July 2023 are exempt from these requirements until January 1, 2024, after which they will be removed unless updated. ↩︎