Libraries, services, and apps with first-party support for OpenTelemetry.

The mission of OpenTelemetry is to enable effective observability by making high-quality, portable telemetry ubiquitous. In other words, observability should be built in into the software you develop.

The following list contains a sample of libraries, services, and apps that have either integrated OpenTelemetry APIs and SDKs directly for native telemetry or provide a first-party plugin that fits into their own extensibility ecosystem.

Name1OSSComponentsLearn more
Cerbos JS
Docker Buildx and
Elasticsearch Java API
Kong API
ThousandEyes (Cisco)

To have your library, service, or app listed, submit a PR with an entry added to the integrations list. The entry must include the following:

  • Link to the main page of your library, service, or app
  • Link to the documentation that explains how enable observability using OpenTelemetry

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