Project Status

OpenTelemetry implementations are currently in pre-release status. This page tracks the overall release milestones as we move towards full releases for each language SIG. You can find more details about the milestones at this link

Current SIG Progress

Progress ChartProjectv0.1v0.2v0.3v0.4betarcv1.0.NETGoJavaScriptJavaPythonPHPRubyCollector

Status Definitions

When we refer to an alpha, beta, or release, what do we mean? This section defines these terms.


  • APIs: Metrics, Tracing, Context.
    • These APIs do not need to match the latest version of the specification.
    • A baggage API is not required.
  • OpenTracing/OpenCensus Shims
    • ‘First pass’ of support.
    • There may be bugs or edge cases that aren’t handled.
  • Exporters
    • Jaeger exporter for traces.
    • Prometheus exporter for metrics.
  • Documentation
    • API Documentation
    • A quickstart guide in the README.
    • A project status section in the README.


  • APIs: Metrics, Tracing, Context.
    • These APIs match the latest version of the specification.
  • OpenTracing/OpenCensus Shims
    • These have been tested and validated against common use cases and popular instrumentation libraries.
  • Exporters
    • Jaeger and Prometheus exporters have been tested and profiled.
    • Other exporters may exist with their own stability/performance guarantees.
  • Documentation
    • API, Quick Start, and comprehensive usage examples are available.

Release Candidate